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Skilled Nursing Care:  Case Studies

Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center has been providing rehab care and skilled nursing to people from Texas since June 2020. Our skilled nursing services include physical, occupational and speech therapies, ongoing physician supervision, and consulting pharmacists.  This comprehensive program aims to restore maximum function and generate an effective, ongoing care plan to stabilize chronic conditions.

  • Mrs. B:  A focus on physical strength

Congratulations to Mrs. B!  She came Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center for Physical and Occupational therapy after an illness and hospital stay.  She has finished her therapy services and has re-gained her strength to return to her home.  We will miss her sweet face but we are also so excited that she is able to safely transition to home.

  • Mrs. C:  A focus on post-surgical and wound care

Mrs. C is a fixture in one of the small towns in Texas.  If she is not to be found on her daily walk, she is likely supervising the post office.  So when she came to Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center with a complex, nonhealing infection of the surgical site following a hip replacement she was adamant that progress be brisk.  She worked with our therapists seven days a week to regain the function and stamina that she (and the rest of the town, frankly) had been accustomed to.  During this time, the progress of the infection was reversed, and the surgical site responded quickly to the specialized wound care.

  • Mr. G: A focus on care coordination

Mr. G was hospitalized for acute chest pain and shortness of breath.  These chronic conditions had kept him largely home bound – in fact, they so limited his mobility that most of his day was confined to a single room.  It was the physicians and clinical staff at Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center who recognized, upon assimilating the medical records, that it was an adverse interaction of suppressive immunotherapy and anti-hypertensives that accounted for his weakness and chronic pain.  Mr. G now reports his only shortness of breath is associated with the near constant task of supervising his great grandchildren.

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